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In Russia

We will be discussing deeply, reasons to study MBBS in Russia 🇷🇺 . Russia has the most developed and oldest medical colleges in the world. This page will make you go through all advantages of choosing MBBS in Russia.

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Why choose to study MBBS in Russia?

Firstly, as an honest Education Consultant,  I will to why study mbbs in Russia. Also, I would like to tell you every Country has its pro and cons in medical Education. Still, if you are planning to study MBBS in Russia. Let Us Now Get to some pros for studying MBBS in Russia. Although it has cons also but it’s negligible compared to the pros. Furthermore, we will be discussing the cons of studying mbbs in Russia.

Indian students are attracted to progressive and healthy education. Russia as said, is the 8th in position when comes to medical studies. Indian students in bulk take admission every year in the Universities in Russia. Let me explain why most of the Indian students opt for Studying MBBS in Russia?

  • Quality of Living:- Quality food and a fully furnished stay are provided to the students. A student can easily afford the expenses for his study and stay. English and Russian language is prominently used in Russia which is a benefit and convenient for Indian students. Students take interest in training sessions of language.
  • Easy Admission Process:- In comparison to other universities, the admission process is much easier in the universities in Russia. Less serious cases in Russia because of the lower crime rate makes it safer for Indian students to go to Russia.
  • International exposure to Med Students:-  Great international exposure along with highly qualifies professors are what is even more attractive to any student in Russia. The place has over 45+ universities under the Russian government with an easy budget. The students do not need to give the entrance exam as it is also on the basis of first-come, first-served.  Russian universities are associated with several world-renowned organizations like UNESCO, WHO, MCI, etc. With great teaching tricks and well-equipped laboratories, students also get references for leading hospitals across the globe. 

What are the Advantages of Pursuing MBBS in Russia?


Russia has many advantages for Medical Students who want to pursue MBBS in the country.  so some of them I have listed below. These advantages are said by Students who study MBBS in Russia 🇷🇺 :-

  1. Highly qualified Faculties:- The student ratio is maintained and over 10,000 students from Russia are practicing medicine in India. The eligibility of professors in Russia is Ph.D. 
  2. Nicest Infrastructure:- Every university in Russia has its own hospital and research center. It’s one of the oldest MBBS study destinations for Indian students.
  3. Low Fee Structure:-  A subsidized course fee structure is there with a 100% visa guarantee. Indian food is available in most places. The infrastructure itself speaks about the place and its beauty. Exploring places is no bad option for any new aspirant.
  4. World Recognized Universities:- The universities are recognized by WHO, MCI, AND USMLE.  A lower and affordable fee structure makes it easy. Approx. 4 to 8 lacks are spent for medical studies in Russia.
  • MCI coaching
  • No entrance exam
  • Minimum class strength
  • Amazing infrastructure
  • Merit scholarship
  • Amazing hostel and canteen facility.
  • International recognition 
  • No donation
  • Low-cost study
  • Dual diploma
  • Global exposure
  • Easy cost of living
  • Standard lifestyle
  • Indian community/ group
  • Proper visa guarantee
  • Affiliation from worldly organisation
  • Recognised in IMC
  • Internships opportunity
  • Strong international reference 

What is the COST to study MBBS IN RUSSIA?

Though there are both less and more cost colleges respectively, Russia is the 8th best country for MBBS. It has some of the less cost good colleges reputed out and inside the Indian crowd. We have the list of few medical colleges and their fee for 6 years (complete tuition fee)

  1. Bashkir State Medical University, Russia-16,60,000 *(Indian Rupees)
  2. Crimea Federal University, Russia-16,66,000* (Indian Rupees)
  3. Oral State University, Russia-16, 45,000* (Indian Rupees) and many more.
  4. *Note:- The Above Mentioned Fee Structure is a Rough Structure for Exact Fee to study MBBS in Russia call 7483221765

IS The Russian MBBS Degree ValidIndia? 

Yes, the validity of MBBS in Russia does count in India. Since the year 1996, several medical aspirants started to travel to Russia. In the last 25 years, approximately 16000 students have studied in Russia in among which many have settled abroad and many are practicing in India. They all have been working in reputed hospitals. Needy students have got a new way by studying MBBS in Russia. There are more than 45 colleges in Russia recognized by MCI where the Indians can study MBBS. As reported, last year there were approx. 2000 Indian students were attracted to MBBS colleges in Russia. Admission in Russia is simple. High-quality education is provided in Russia. With the growing fashion of foreign education, more and more Indian students are getting to study MBBS in Russia. 

What are the MINOR DISADVANTAGES of Studying MBBS in Russia?

Though there are both pros and cons of everything, few minor disadvantages don’t affect the quality of learning of the student. A dedicated aspirant passes it all with true willpower. A few of them are:- 

  • A language can be called linking and can also be called a barrier. There is a little language barrier but as people in larger parts know English, it’s convenient to survive.
  • Also, there is a limited experience while dealing with people in fewer areas because of a lack of knowledge.
  • Sometimes the climate gets below 0 degrees which is not at ease with Indian people.
  • Complexity in visa approval may arise as the embassy out there makes it struggling for Indian students. 
  • No treating or touching of patients is allowed to the students till the time of the internship. This acts as another barrier in Russia.
  • The duration of the course is longer as compared to India but the quality it offers is best.
  • European curriculum is followed in the universities of Russia which might be difficult for few students to swallow. Though, it’s not much of a problem. Aiming and owning the risk are the 2  things that make the thing easy for anyone.
  • Some Other alternatives are MBBS in Ukraine MBBS in Georgia, and MBBS in Philippines.

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