PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine

IS Medical Pg in Germany After MBBS in Ukraine Valid?

The answer is a big Yes, Medical Pg In Germany after mbbs in Ukraine is totally valid. In this post, we will throw some light on the process of  PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine. Get Medical PG Admission in Germany Call now.


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  • Yes, MBBS from Ukraine is valid in Germany. In fact, Ukraine’s MBBS has a good reputation in Germany. MBBS from Ukraine is on a larger scale recognized at the world level as it is WHO (World Health Organisation) approved. Ukraine has semi-government, public and private universities. Ukraine’s culture is widely accepted by the students all around.
  • The course duration in Ukraine is almost 6 years including internships and practical training. Any student who studies MBBS in Ukraine can afford a better education at a better price compared to their home place. Though, there is a bit of con for the Indian students as the bachelor’s degree of surgery from Ukraine is difficult to be accepted in India. Germany accepts the above subject. There shall be a basic screening test in Germany to get the license to practice. Any student can afford the pricing if they wish to work extra be it the medical internship or any other workplace. The rate also depends on the choice of subject or university u do. Scholarships are also provided according to the degree of merit of the student. Scholarship depends on the university, the marks scored in the entrance, or through the recommendation of one’s embassy/government.
  • This is particularly provided to the students who are economically week or extra talented. This is to help all the needy students. The MBBS education from India is not congruent to the criteria for doctors in Germany but it’s just the opposite when done from Ukraine. After completing MD/MS degree from the USA or Germany, a student may not need to pass the screening test. Ukraine has the most experienced professors, developed infrastructure, safe surroundings, and budget-friendly universities.
  • The worldwide recognition is another factor for Ukraine to be one of the important MBBS destinations. Therefore, Ukraine being a hot spot for medical students, attract more and more crowd including India and Germany. It is especially recognized worldwide, gives importance to the quality of education, assignments, enhancement, and surroundings. Germany recognizes the quality of upbringing of the medical students in Ukraine. This is the reason for the PG course in medical, a student need not give any entrance exam in Germany. The students of Ukraine get a chance to work in a sophisticated and renowned place. Germany gives a student, good exposure and a globe-class health care system. The validity of MBBS from Ukraine is not a question but an answer in itself.

MBBS IN UKRAINE for German Students

German students choose MBBS in Ukraine for the reason countries like India, UK, USA, Poland, Italy, France, Austria do. Every year lot of countries participate in sending their students to Ukraine. Ukraine has one of the best quality medical studies all over the globe. It has places to explore as well as amazing infrastructure. A wide range of medical programs attracts a god number of crowd. The Universities in Ukraine give importance to growth and enhancement. Pedro Moya Black Sea National University, Kyiv Medical University, Lviv National Medical University, etc are few renowned names in Ukraine for medical study. One can Easily pursue Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine.

What is the average salary of  Doctors pursuing Medical PG in Germany?


  • A good MBBS professional can earn a good amount of 278000 euros per year. Also, the workload is high as the system and expectations are high. Doctors are well paid and go through with a better standard. An average salary of a doctor can be around 60,000 euro to 90,000 euro be it an assistant or a specialist. A well-experienced doctor can earn a lot. Though English is a link language and can be used anywhere, the language of a doctor to a patient is the most important thing. One needs to be respectful, loyal, and ethical according to the basic principle of this profession.
  • To get licensed one needs to quality German level C1. B2 is sufficient for everyday German. Initially, a student can start earning money but for specialization, a professional needs to work for years. Highly qualified professionals are availed with EU Blue Card which is a prestigious work permit that includes the pass to permanent resident. Germany is the place for highly skilled doctors, outpatient services, university clinics, and proper hospitalization. Doctors usually have their own private practice but have office hours from Monday to Friday.
  • A doctor’s assistant is called ‘Arzthelfer’ in Germany. Almost 90% of the population is a member of the health care scheme. Due to the medical cause inflation, the doctors are able to make a handsome amount treating several patients. On the other hand, the people of Germany also believe in its health care system. The goal is to achieve improve and enhance health care, raise the benefits,   digitalize and modernize the practical knowledge among doctors. We help doctors to Easily pursue Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine.


  • Ukraine sometimes goes below 0 degrees when comes to temperature. The students don’t face any issue when they are inside any place or building but it can be a bit uneasy for students who cannot put up with this.
  • Language can be a SMALL barrier if a student does not wish to learn anything new. Learning a new language (Ukrainian or Russian) is a part of the curriculum for the students.
  • If a student does not take an interest, he/she may lose confidence and struggle while conversing with people. The course duration is almost 6 years with internship which is longer than many other countries like India, MBBS IN Germany, MBBS IN Kazakhstan, etc. The curriculum is vast and focuses on overall growth and nourishment. Although there is no much pressure, if a student does not shot maintain a good attitude, it can lead to struggle and failure. Apart from all this, the major problem arises with the cheating agents. Some people may give you the wrong information with the intention to bluff and rip the money. To be safe from this, a student must contact a legitimate education consultancy.  With Our help get Medical PG in Germany after MBBS in Ukraine.


It’s not tough for the MBBS students to practice in Germany. Ukraine’s MBBS has a high position worldwide which approves a student to practice anywhere while applying different criteria.